14k White Gold Elvish Script Wedding Bands

Elliot made my wedding rings, and they are absolutely amazing and continue to bring me (and my spouse) so much joy. I initially contacted Elliot because I wanted custom rings made for us, and I knew of him through friends. Elliot was great to work with, super communicative and the rings arrived with multiple weeks to spare (which was extra good because I have anxiety about things being late). They were made with the material I wanted (white gold) and, best of all, he was willing/able to etch custom elvish script on the inside of them, and they turned out so beautiful. They’re over two years old now and have withstood the test of time (and the wear and tear that go along with wearing a ring constantly for years) amazingly so far. They make me happy every time I look at mine.

~ Rain B.

Sterling RBG Dissent Cuff Bracelet

We had this cuff custom made for a friend’s birthday. Elliot was so helpful and communicative through all parts of the process- from helping to conceptualize the design, to each part of the design process, to shipping. Our friend loves the cuff! Very high quality material and incredibly fair price. Would definitely work with Bespoke Ambition again!

~ Sarah L

Sterling Wishbone Ring-Holder Pendant

While pregnant, I realized that I was going to have to go several months without wearing my wedding ring on my finger, and that my previous solution of “putting it on a cheap chain” wasn’t going to work with a curious (and surprisingly strong) toddler, so I reached out to Bespoke Ambition to talk about a ring holder necklace that could also double as a simple pendant.
I had a wishbone design in mind but no real knowledge of how feasible it was, and Bespoke Ambition worked with me to not only refine the design, but also improve it to ensure I would not lose the ring either by it slipping off the pendant or breaking the chain and ensure it looked pretty as a charm by itself.
Knowing I am someone interested in the creation process, not only did they keep me updated on the design, but also sent me photos of the casting process for my pendant, which was both extremely cool and gave me a greater appreciation for the care and work that Bespoke does, not only in design but in creating handmade jewelry.
I can happily report that not only did the wishbone ring holder pendant keep my wedding ring safe for the two months I couldn’t keep my ring on, but it remains a beautiful and beloved rotation in my jewelry box even without fulfilling its original function.

~ Elaine W

Fused Silver & Herloom Diamond Engagement Ring

Adrian customized our engagement ring in the most minute detail, and was helpful in adjusting the design to suit my fiance’s needs. He is creative and knowledgeable, and his craftsmanship is excellent.

~Morgan W.

Neo-Sterling Wedding Set with Lab-Grown Emerald & Moissanite

My fiancée and I thought about a few different options when we decided to get engaged, but going to Elliot and getting our custom rings was 1000% the right choice. We get lots of compliments on the beauty and style of the engagement rings. We gave Elliot just a slim idea of what we were looking for and he ran with it, sending us several mock-ups to choose from. He worked with us to refine our vision, and we could not be happier with the final product. Cost was a factor, and we were able to get exactly what we wanted within our budget. We can’t wait to add the matching bands in just 4 days!

~ Maggie B-C

Moissanite & Blue Diamond Engagement Ring

In December I will have been married five {now 10} years. My ring was designed and put together by the fine folks of Bespoke Ambition. I never take it off. I have gone to work with it doing manual labor, slept in it, cleaned with it, everything. That’s probably not recommended but it’s still as beautiful as the day I received it and will be with me for many more years to come.

~ Becky C