Your story isn’t ordinary, so the jewelry you choose to tell that story shouldn’t be ordinary either.

At Bespoke Ambition we delight in turning your ideas into wearable works of art. From simple requests to designs that might seem outlandish or impossible, let us work with you to create the perfect piece.

How Does The Process Work?

Just 5 easy steps…

1: Consultation:
Let’s talk about what your dream piece looks like, what you imagine the materials to be, and if you have any budget restrictions or concerns.
If you’re local to Portland we can meet in person at a cafe that is convenient to you. If you are located elsewhere (or meeting in person is difficult) we can discuss over email.

Initial sketches for Heirloom Opal & Diamond Pendant & Earring Set

2: Design Deposit & Sketches:
Once we have a good idea of the piece you want us to create we will assign a design deposit. This amount will range from $100-$500 depending on the complexity of the design and the overall estimated cost of your piece.

All design deposits include at least one sketch and one revision. We will let you know up front how many sketches and revisions are included with your design deposit. In most cases the design deposit can be applied to the final cost of your custom piece.

Elliot at the workbench

3: Revisions & Materials Deposit:
Once sketches are completed we will consult with you again to get feedback. If needed revisions will happen at this stage.

After you are satisfied with the design we will determine the final cost of your custom piece. Before we begin production we require a 50% deposit of the total price for materials.

Revised sketches for a set of Ruby & Canadian Diamond wedding bands with dimensional branches & hand engraved detailing

4: Production:
This is where the magic happens. Once we have received your materials deposit we will begin work on your new jewelry. If requested we will send periodic photo or video updates of the process so you can watch it take form.

Custom 14k Green Gold Velociraptor Earrings with Electroformed Links & Canadian Diamonds

5: Balance & Delivery:
When we have finished the creation of your piece we will send you final photos for approval. If your piece is a ring, that can be tried on by the recipient without spoiling a surprise, we can arrange a fitting.

Before we deliver or ship your new jewelry we will request the balance due be paid on your invoice.

Ready To Bring Your Idea To Reality?
Email today to start the custom design process.